Beatrice Boudreau

Beatrice BoudreauCancer
Family Oriented, Artistic, Gatherer, Frugal, Cat Person
LTW Surrounded by Family :: Occupation Homemaker

Once upon a time, the Boudreau Clan was a family of powerful witches and warlocks.  They were known to be fair but came down harshly on those who made the mistake of crossing them.  Over time the family went into decline until Beatrice was the last surviving Boudreau; the last but possibly the most powerful of her kind.  She did not have the comely countenance nor social graces to impress the elders of her town and none paid her any heed.

 She was a virtual outcast but the day came when the town elders announced the onset of the Hundred Year Trial was once again upon them.  Should a witch or her direct descendants be able to spawn one hundred children leadership of the community would belong to that family.  Beatrice presented herself as a contestant to shouts of laughter and mockery.  She did not dignify them with so much as a glance but instead accepted her assignment to the quaint village of Monte Vista.  She supposed it a colossal joke that the hag of a witch got the beauty of the town.  No one thought her capable of wooing an ogre much less a man, but Beatrice knew her golden opportunity had come and she was not about to let it go to waste.  Besides, she had no need of beauty when a snap of her fingers had a man completely under her spell.



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